HTX Sugar Land: Town Square home to 4 restaurants fused man's unique vision

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
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HTX+: Fusion restaurants at Sugar Land Town Square credited to one man | ABC13's Brhe Berry is in Sugar Land

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- From chicken and waffles at Jupiter Pizza & Waffles Co., to sushi for you and Latin-style cuisine for your date, all under one roof at Japaneiros, you can have it all at Sugar Land Town Square.

Four restaurants are taking food fusion to the next level. Each restaurant has its own style and concept, and it's all designed and decorated by one man: Robert White.

"I'm half and half basically. My dad's from Seattle and then my mom's family is from Venezuela," said White, whose background is as fused as the restaurants he has opened.

White has lived and worked in Sugar Land for over 20 years.

"We try to figure out what's missing in the mix and what could benefit the community more and that's where we start," White said.

Aside from his heritage, he is a fusion of talent: a family man, a musician and an architect.

White does it all, down to the menus and art on the walls.

"We are 100 percent local, meaning every penny that we make here gets reinvested here. We use a local bank. We use everything local, and that has kept us going, and that's why we never wanted to expand into a franchise," White said.

It's not just food in Town Square. They also have shopping and events like an outdoor movie night. In fact, they are showing the "Incredibles 2" on Saturday.

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