Go back in time at Conroe's longest-running barbershop

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- You can find Leon Apostolo five days a week cutting hair at the legendary Shepard's Barber Shop in Conroe, a barbershop that has been open for over a century.

Shepard's Barber Shop has been Leon's only job since he was 17 years old.

"My dad suggested that I go to barber college and become a barber. He went to school with Bob Shepard, the guy who owned the barbershop, and he told my father, 'You send him to barber college and I'll hire him,'" says Leon.

Leon has cut hair for four decades at Shepard's and feels his barbershop offers a unique service that is hard to find.

"People come in here and it's like going back in time. People come in here they loosen up. They talk, visit and get to know what is going on in the community while getting their haircut," Leon said.

Leon has had a chair in Shepard's barbershop for over 40 years and took over the business in 2013.

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