Westchase District puts precious space to use as new park

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the bustling Westchase District, space is at a premium, but the community's creativity is producing some amazing spaces.

When it's time for a quick water break, just a step off the Westchase District Trail System, you'll find a pocket park, just a half-acre in size, near Richmond and Wilcrest.

We talked to the Westchase District's vice president of projects, Irma Sanchez, about the importance of using every inch of space to serve and inspire residents.

"It's not going to be a destination park that people from all over town will come visit, but it's something that's intended to serve the local community," said Sanchez.

A table and chairs, art to enjoy, and old school sidewalk games like hop-scotch and long jump all fit into the compact space.

"Whether you're an adult or a kid, it gets you active," said Sanchez.

She adds that future plans for Westchase are anything but small.

There's a 1.75-acre park in the works off Woodchase, south of Westpark. Construction is expected to begin this fall.

An even bigger endeavor, the 3.5-acre Wilcrest Park, will feature a performance pavilion, outside reading rooms and picnic benches, and restrooms. Construction on Wilcrest Park should begin in late 2020.

"You see all these trails, and the parks and open space start connecting," Sanchez pointed out.

The Westchase District offers more details about upcoming parks and the trail system through the Westchase District website.

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