TxDOT crews prepare Houston roads as temperatures continue to drop into Friday

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Crews with the Texas Department of Transportation Houston are pre-treating bridges and overpasses as temperatures continue to drop Thursday night and into Friday morning.

Danny Perez, a spokesperson with TxDOT, told ABC13 that crews will be focused on the interchanges and overpasses that typically ice over first. TxDOT trucks were spotted along 59 and Beltway direct connector, pre-treating the roadway with brine or a saltwater mix to prevent icing.

"We're looking at all these structures, making sure that we're being proactive and addressing them now rather than later," Perez said.

He said the secondary treatment will be a rock treatment and that will be applied as needed.

"Even if it's maybe a non-event or it's a minimal (weather) event, it's still a great way to prepare ourselves," Perez said. "So our crew is ready in case we have a major event. We still have a long way to go until the winter is over."

Joshua Zuber, a spokesperson with AAA, said it's important for folks to stock their emergency kits and make sure they have blankets, gloves, and other essentials to help keep you warm and safe in an event of an emergency.

"You want to of course pay attention to the weather forecast and assess whether you really need to head out on the road or not," Zuber said. "You want to make sure your vehicle is ready to go. That it's properly maintained, your tires are good. Check the battery as well as the engine."

He said it's recommended that your tires are six years old or newer and you can get a free tire check at a local tire shop. For more helpful tips on winter weather preps, visit AAA's website.

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