Northeast Houston residents' water turned back on ahead of Thanksgiving

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Most families are busy preparing Thanksgiving today, and if you're one of them, ask yourself, could you pull it off without running water? That is just one of the problems residents in northeast Houston were facing this Thanksgiving eve.

At Latosha Moore's house in the 4100 block of Wittretch, the taps were dry, the toilets wouldn't flush, and three jugs of water were all that she had to cook, clean, and drink.

Moore told us, "This is a big problem. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I've never lived like this. It's very unsanitary."

Resident Latosha Johnson said, "I can do without light, but not water. I can't do without water."

Moore is one of dozens of residents who have been without running water since Monday. Residents had to haul water from neighbors' homes by the bucket.

For many, Thanksgiving was put on hold. Some said they hadn't taken a bath or a shower.

Evelyn Walker, who has been living without water, said, "We shouldn't have to live like this. I paid my rent."

Walker is a custodian for Memorial Herman Hospital. At work, she cleans up after others and keeps the cafeteria clean. But at home, that wasn't an option.

Walker said, "I'm very heart broken. I cried this morning."

The landlord and the city both say the water was off due to an undiscovered water meter that hadn't been turned on.

It took two days to find that meter, and now it's back on.

Moore said, "Thank you all, very much. Because if wasn't for y'all, we still wouldn't have no water. You had to get stuff moving in order to get things done."

And as for her Thanksgiving dinner, Moore said she's being cooking since the water started flowing.
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