Texans fans and Houstonians reflect on passing of owner Bob McNair

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Texans owner Bob McNair meant a lot to Houstonians, Texans fans, and people all over the country, many of them now mourning his passing.

"I was shocked to see that it happened," says Texans fan, Kelly Lilly.

Many people found out the news instantly, like Brett Tarnople, who was out at Little Woodrow's Bellaire with friends. He says, "We were sitting there watching the LSU basketball game, and at the same time, my friend is like, 'Oh my God, Bob McNair just passed,' so, it's crazy."

Many people remember McNair, not only for his love for the game, but his love for Texas.

"His name will always be synonymous with the Texans and with bringing football back to Houston," says Lilly.

Others remember him for his charitable generosity. Sean from Houston says, "This guy gave and gave and gave, and (he's a) very selfless individual."

At 81, this is a great loss to the Texans and Houston.

"Rest in peace. Godspeed, Bob McNair," says Lilly.

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