Houston police officer in critical condition shot in line of duty before

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A southeast Houston neighborhood turned into a war zone for officers serving a narcotics warrant.

Former officer Thomas Nixon says that's one of the most dangerous operations they take on.

"There are literally no rules with drug dealers, and they are willing to kill police officers, and when you're dealing with people like that, it's often unpredictable and very violent," Nixon said.

ABC13 Eyewitness News has confirmed the names of all the officers, but we aren't naming them because they work undercover.

We've also learned the two officers who are in critical condition were injured in the face or neck. One is 50 years old with 25 years on the force. Nixon served with him in the military before joining Houston police.

"We are all praying for him, and I hope he makes it through this," Nixon said.

The other is 54 years old, with 34 years on the force.

"I know he got it pretty badly, as well," Nixon said. "I think this is the second or third time he's been shot in the line of duty."

Nixon says the 54-year-old returned to duty quickly after previous shootings.

"He is a very tough-minded individual and he's always willing to go hard, charging at the criminals even when he gets hit in the line of duty," Nixon said. "He won't stop."

All of them are people the city should be grateful for, Nixon says.

"We should all be thankful that we have a police department with men like that, who are willing to go the distance and put their lives at risk for the community," Nixon said.

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