Dying father watches son get sworn in to HPD task force

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Police Department helped one of their own grant a dying wish for his father.

Detective Ken Edie was just appointed to the Houston ATF Gun Crimes Strike Force.

He was about to be sworn in when he got a call about his father, who was dying in Ohio. He left to be at his father's bedside.

Since Edie wouldn't be able to make it to the ceremony, officers in Ohio brought the ceremony to him.

He was sworn in with his dad right by his side at his home.

Edie used to work in Ohio before moving to Texas.

"He couldn't open his eyes, but he understood, I think, what was happening. And when Anne from U.S. Marshals spoke with him, he acknowledged to her that he kind of understood what was going on," Edie said.

His father passed away the next day.

HPD recently honored those officers in Ohio, who went the extra mile to help a fellow man in blue.
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