In tears, mom facing foreclosure forced to seek help for food after winter storm

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Thursday, February 25, 2021
In tears, mom seeks food help while foreclosure looms after storm
While the lights are back on and the roads are open again after the winter storm, the weather event's impact has left a heartbreaking consequence for one woman. In the video, she talks to ABC13, in tears, about why the storm will impact her for a long time.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Thousands of Texans waited in food lines this week after last week's deadly winter storm.

Emily Fuentes and her 4-year-old daughter sat patiently outside St. Joseph House off Jensen Drive in north Houston. Fuentes told ABC13 she's facing foreclosure on her home and can't seem to catch a break.

Fuentes was among the millions of Texans who lost power last week when freezing temperatures took a hold of the region.

"I lost yogurt, milk, vegetables, fruit, meat. I had to go to Sam's after the storm. I spent almost $400 on groceries," said Fuentes. "It's tough. It's hard. It's hard because these are additional expenses we didn't anticipate when we've already set a budget for the month. Those are additional fees I had to pop out."

Pastor R.C. Stearns with Living Water International Apostolic Ministries said he's seen a demand spike during the pandemic and after last week's storm. He said they're staying open six days a week to try and help the community.

"We're on disaster mode," said Pastor Stearns. "Whoever has a need can come by."

Pastor Stearns said they're always in need of resources and volunteers.

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