Houston's La Mafia wins Latin Grammy for best Tejano album

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Saturday, November 21, 2020
Grammy-winning La Mafia celebrates 40th anniversary
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Houston's own La Mafia is celebrating 40 years as one of the most influential Tejano bands!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Tejano community is boasting Thursday night's win for hometown band La Mafia at the virtual Latin Grammy Awards.

The group won best Tejano album for their live concert 'Live in Mexico'. This is their fifth Grammy.

Just last month, La Mafia celebrated it's 40th anniversary.

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The group was formed in north Houston in 1980 and the band's frontman, Oscar De La Rosa, said he started off playing music in the cantina that his dad owned.

"Sometimes artists would leave their instruments there and we would play," said De La Rosa. "That's pretty much how I really got interested in music."

In the 1980s, La Mafia's style was only Tejano. However, in the 1990's the band decided to change their style and give younger generations something new.

Their 1991 album Estas Tocando Fuego became the first Tejano album ever to go platinum.