How sending this text message could land a teen a summer job

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- There are plenty of Houston-area jobs for teens this summer, but it's going to be harder than ever to secure work.

From water parks to retail stores, experts believe summer jobs do more than give teens money.

It sets them up for future success, they say.

"In those summer jobs, we are building the skills that are going to carry us through the rest of our careers," Workforce Solutions spokesperson, Michelle Castrow explained.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer may be harder than ever to find a job.

The nationwide unemployment rate for teenagers in April was 32 percent.

To help teens in the Houston-area, ABC13 hosted a virtual job fair on Thursday with Workforce Solutions, featuring 350 open positions.


"You absolutely want to look into the recreation area," Castrow said. "As we've been home a lot, people are going to want to be out and about even more."

Our virtual job fair featured positions that ranged from lifeguards, fast food restaurants and even open administrative assistant positions for college students.

If you or a teen you know is interested in applying for a position, either visit Workforce Solutions, or text #GetPaid2020 to 40691.

While teens can find work, it might be harder for college students to land summer internships.

"Many of the corporations that work with internships are in turmoil themselves," Castrow said.

But if motivation is an issue, Workforce Solutions said just have your teen send a text message tonight, and they'll do the rest.

"Somehow or another, the advice coming from a third party is so much better than when we, as parents, or we as grown-ups try to tell the young people," Castrow explained.

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