Ghouls and grand slams? The neighborhood around Minute Maid Park could be haunted

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Ghouls and grand slams? The neighborhood around Minute Maid Park could be haunted
What could Minute Maid Park and Halloween have in common? Maybe ghosts?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It is a big time of year in Houston as the World Series begins Friday, and a few days after that, it is Halloween. As it turns out, two of those events might have a little in common.

The neighborhood where Minute Maid Park now sits used to be known as Quality Hill, which, legend has, could now be haunted.

"(Quality Hill) itself was developed in the 1850s," explained Mister McKinney of Mister McKinney's Historic Houston, which offers tours of the Bayou City. "By 1938 it was totally off the map."

Before getting into why the present-day area could be home to ghouls and goblins, it helps to understand the history of the old neighborhood, which was home to prominent residents of the city.

"It was in proximity to the Port of Houston, where all the merchants were at," McKinney said. "You were also close to the courthouse."

McKinney said many wealthy residents of Quality Hill, which was named after the neighborhood's upward slope, ultimately moved a little south as Houston developed.

The ultimate factor that caused the demise of the neighborhood was the construction of Union Station in 1911. This is the same Union Station that currently serves as the main entrance to Minute Maid Park.

"That particular project would take over 90 homes," McKinney said.

He added that it is those misplaced residents who are responsible for any of the haunted activity around Houston's ballpark.

"They got their homes demolished because of the 1911 Union Station (project). That would upset me, too," McKinney said. "But also, it's one of the oldest parts of Houston."

In addition to Mister McKinney's tours, the Astros host their own ghost tours at Minute Maid Park.

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