How strong wind gusts in New York could impact ALCS Game 4

THE BRONX, New York (KTRK) -- Using a formula, a Rice University professor found out just how strong winds could impact Game 4 of the American League Championship Series.

Rice University physics professor Paul Padley tested a new formula Thursday. Knowing strong wind gusts are in New York, Padley computed what could take place during Thursday's ALCS game between the Astros and Yankees.

"The ball could be swirling, doing all kinds of things," Padley explained. "Yeah, they're going to earn their money tonight."

Padley said the wind could slow a fastball down by 10 miles per hour. That's why he says you might see a lot more of another type of pitch.

"The curveballs are going to curve more because basically the ball is cutting through the wind," Padley explained. "So the spin on the ball is going to have a bigger effect."

Padley said Thursday's wind gusts at Yankees Stadium are going to help batters as well. Padley said a fly ball could carry an additional 50 feet.

"The winds are going to be blowing out of here from the west, and Yankee field is a little tilted out, so there's going to be an advantage to hitting to right field," Padley said.

Padley says baseball physics also apply to Minute Maid Park. If the roof is closed, Padley says air conditioning impacts how far a ball travels.

If you're a fan of home runs, Padley said you should always want the see Minute Maid Park's roof open.

"So, the biggest effect at Minute Maid Park is just going to be the temperature of the air," Padley explained. "In general, if you had Minute Maid Park open on a hot day, the ball would fly further."

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