Josh Reddick says he and other Astros are getting death threats

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If the rhetoric from rival players offers any indication, the Houston Astros have targets on their backs.

And while opposing pitchers may not show mercy to Astros in the batter's box this season, the team may have to deal with the realization of threats from the public.

Outfielder Josh Reddick told reporters Friday he received death threats on social media. In one case, "someone wished cancer upon his children," tweeted ESPN's Jeff Passan.

Saturday, his wife Jett posted another threat she received to Twitter, which said, in part, "Don't ever come to LA because you'll need to sleep with your eyes open."

Reddick also indicated other members of the Astros clubhouse received death threats.

Earlier in the day, Tony Clark, executive director of the MLB Players' Association, said he met with the team on ways to handle the safety of players, not only during games, but between the ball park and their homes.

"When you have comments publicly that suggests certain things may happen on the field, it's hard to ignore those," Clark said. "We've had conversations with the league about making sure that the team safety the individual player safety the safety of their families is not an issue moving forward."

Clark continued, "There's no doubt, making sure that our players and their families are able to go to and from the ballpark, and perform safely is a huge piece of the puzzle."

In wake of the revelation, former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers, who is a member of the Oakland Athletics, also said he's received death threats after he outted his once-teammates for their sign-stealing.

However, Fiers told The Athletic that he won't need extra security in the upcoming season.

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