10 things revealed in Alex Bregman's AMA

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Houston Astros' infielder Alex Bregman did a Reddit AMA where fans were able to ask him anything.

Here are a few things it revealed:

  • His favorite team growing up was whoever was playing the Yankees. His mom cheered for them, so he wanted to root against her.
  • The funniest guy on the team is Brian McCann.
  • He said he thinks some people don't believe he plays in the MLB because he's short.
  • When asked if he'd rather fight one Aaron Judge-sized Jose Altuve or 100 Altuve-sized Judges, he said he would rather fight one Judge-sized Altuve.
  • His after game food choice is either a cheeseburger, pizza or healthy food. "Depending on if I got hits or not," Bregman said.
  • He knew Correa was going to propose after the World Series.
  • Besides Minute Maid his favorite ballpark to play in is Baltimore.
  • He predicts LSU will win the College Football Playoff next year. Anything could happen, right?
  • Bregman's favorite non-MLB athlete is Connor McGregor.
  • Bregman prefers Whataburger over In-N-Out. Good choice, Alex.

Check out the rest of the Reddit AMA here.

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