Stop pre-rinsing your dishes! And other cost-saving kitchen cleaning tips

Who has time and money to waste in the kitchen? Not any of us! So, here are some cheap and fast ways to clean up smarter in the kitchen.

Let's start with your filthy windows. Windex is one of those products you think you need but cleaning experts say something in your pantry can work just as well: Vinegar.

Cleaning experts say one part vinegar, one part water in a spray bottle is all you need. The results are similar to the national brand.

For those cutting boards and pesky stains, try some natural ingredients to keep them clean. Simply sprinkle salt and then rub lemon juice across the entire board to see stains lift away easily.

To disinfect the disposal, use ice and vinegar. Fill the disposal with ice cubes, then pour a cup of vinegar into the disposal and run it for a few seconds with the water turned on.

The ice helps scrape the inside of the disposal, dislodging any buildup.

Do you have silver that needs polishing?

Place a piece of aluminum foil in a pot, boil water with some baking soda. Carefully dip a piece of silver in the water. The chemical reaction removes the tarnish. Then all you need to do is polish and put away.

Finally, this tip is a no-brainer. The easiest way to save time, water, and money in the kitchen is to stop pre-rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Any dishwasher sold in the past five years for $500 or more has a soil sensor that knows how hard it needs to work. If the sensor detects little or no debris, it gives dishes a lighter wash leaving your items with food residue. Instead, just scrape the food off the plate.

Plus, rinsing those dishes wastes water and uses extra energy to heat the water.

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Kitchen hacks that make cleaning a snap.

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