How to add more protection to prevent mold during flood cleanup

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For anyone during Hurricane Harvey, if you're doing your own clean up, you can add an additional layer of protection with insecticide.

After your flooded home has been drying out for days, then you can spray another product that will kill the mold before you put up the sheetrock.

Keith McCoy with Solutions Pest and Lawn said a product called Bora-Care can prevent mold from growing.

"It's an insecticide, so it kills any wood-destroying insect that may be present. If it's not exposed to prolonged moisture, it will last for years and years," McCoy said.

ABC13 spoke to Bora-Care, and they want to offer some guidance before using their product. They told Eyewitness News that Bora-Care is not a moldicide or a mildewcide and will not kill existing mold. Instead, it is intended to be a mold prevention product.

They recommend not waiting until the wood is dry to apply. In fact, they say it is actually better to apply it while the wood still has a high moisture content because the moisture actually helps the Bora-Care to penetrate the wood.

But they caution users to wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, shoes and gloves when applying the product. Applying in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops is a violation of the label.

Bora-Care cost $72.99 a bottle.

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How to clean your house and prevent mold following a flood.

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