League City couple hopes their experience can help S. Carolina flood victims

LEAGUE CITY, TX (KTRK) -- A couple in League City has survived multiple floods. Now they want to help flood victims in South Carolina put their lives back together.

Living along Clear Creek can be great, but Mary and John Sullivan know Mother Nature isn't always on their side. They're in the process of elevating their home to protect themselves from the next flood.

Mary said, "With Ike we had six feet of water, and it's just rebuilding and regrouping over and over again."

After going through the rebuilding process so many times, Mary, an insurance agent by trade, had an idea. She developed a website called 2MyPolicies.com, to help other flood victims safely store all of their important documents, "like medical records, policies, school records, birth certificates."

"As they're putting their lives back together, they can upload all of that information here, once and for always and it's done, and they can retrieve it at any time," Mary explained.

When Mary saw what families in South Carolina went through recently, she knew her website can help them.

She said, "We're so blessed in having survived all these storms and all the help that we've gotten from the community and our friends that we want to give back and make this product available to the community and people in South Carolina."

South Carolina flood victims can log on to the website and apply for a free year subscription.

Mary and her husband have learned a lot after going through several floods. They hope this website will make that process a little easier for other families.
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