Horses confiscated from Hockley veterinarian's property

HOCKLEY (KTRK) -- More than 30 horses have been confiscated from the property of a licensed veterinarian in Hockley.

The Waller County District Attorney's Office issued a search warrant allowing Kathie Digilio's horses to be taken from her property to receive medical assessments and care. A felony warrant has been issued for Digilio's arrest, but no criminal charges have been filed.

For neighbors along Hegar road, this is a day they've been waiting for.

"Just the condition of these horses has been really bad," Christin McCumber said, "Just really, really bony. It's pretty horrendous to watch it."

Volunteers with True Blue Animal Rescue worked all day Friday, loading horses into trailers and taking them to foster homes.

"There's young babies mixed in the same group," Melanie Deaeth with True Blue Animal Rescue said, "And of course, what happens is there's not enough feed for all of them, so the stronger ones push the weaker ones out and don't let them eat. So there's not enough feed for them and that's why you get the variation in condition."

Digilio's attorney, Rocket Rosen, told Eyewitness News he has personally seen all horses on Digilio's property.

"Yes, I have. We have been out there numerous times," Rosen said, "They're healthy and they're strong and they're ready to go. There may be one that may be sick or doesn't look like a Secretariat."

Rosen said Digilio takes care of horses that may be sick.

A felony warrant has been issued for Digilio's arrest. Veterinarians will examine the horses, and then the DA's office will decide whether or not to file criminal charges.

The rescue group involved has seen all the proof they need.

"We come in here with our hearts strong, like we kind of psych each other up," Deaeth said. "We're not gonna feel it now. We'll feel it later. Because it's sad to see horses suffer like this."
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