Tips to consider before committing to a home warranty

Home warranties are billed as helping you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs, but there are some things to consider before buying a policy.

One of the benefits of having a home warranty is it gives you peace of mind if something like an old air conditioner needs replacing.

But, many times homeowners find what they thought was covered may not actually be covered by their policy. It's highly advised those details are known prior to committing to anything.

Things like outdoor appliances may not be covered and homeowners don't usually get to choose who does the repair when something breaks down.

"It is not unusual to say, 'Yeah you have the policy. It's a good policy, it covers the item,' and then you get the repair service out there and they have a horrible record with us," said Dan Parsons of the Houston Better Business Bureau.

He also said it comes down to the risk of your appliances breaking down. If they are old, he advises it may be worth looking into a policy.

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