Organizer hopes legal street racing catches on

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There's a new movement to keep other drivers safe by encouraging street racing in designated areas.

This comes just days after two men were arrested for causing a crash in west Harris County while allegedly street racing.

A legal street racing event took place in northwest Harris County Sunday, attended by thousands of people.

Organizers call it 'Dig Night.' Highly modified cars race one on one for about an eighth of a mile, with one driver being eliminated in each race.

There are around 50 vehicles. Buy-in for each driver is $200 with the winner getting $10,000. Police are scattered around the event to keep an eye on things.

Organizers say street racing will happen whether it's legal or not, and by putting on an event this way, it'll at least be safer.

"I do this to get people off the street and basically get people to a safe area, a safe atmosphere to do what they simulate in a street race," event organizer Faisal Rahman told us. "This is something we do no matter what, no matter if the city gives us a place to do it. It's something that's in our blood. It's our passion."

Organizers say this is the first legalized street racing event in the U.S. null
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