Exercises for new moms

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For new moms, there is added pressure to lose the weight combined with a new hectic lifestyle. (KTRK)

By now you've celebrated the holidays with good food and friends. Then toasted the new year only to promise yourself to get back in shape, again.

For new moms, there is added pressure combined with a new hectic lifestyle.

"We have children, we have chores, we have the commute to work - it's just exhausting from time to time," mom Cherie Lee said.

Lee is a mom to a toddler and owner of Houston-based Perfect Fit Meals. She knows the difficulty of staying fit while balancing a family and work. Her solution is the healthy prepared meals that are perfect for on-the-go moms.

"With over 18 different items to choose from, you can stock some up in your company fridge at work," Lee said.

But healthy eating is only part of the solution. You have to move! Exercise is the only way to burn the calories to get you back to pre-baby shape. One of the best ways to keep in the New Year's resolution groove is to take your baby
along and make working out a family affair.

"These things can be done in your living room at home. They can also be done in the park. They can be done in a group environment as well with friends and their babies," Lee said.

Lee has a few quick exercises to help get you moving.

The Baby Lunge
"Just the downward motion and upward motion is going to intrigue your baby and make them giggle," Lee said.

You can also throw in some squats in between your sets for a bonus giggle.

The Baby Ab Crunch
"Put your baby on your knees bended. Make sure you hold her firmly, lay flat on your back, and just rotate your legs up," Lee said.

After three sets of 20, mom and baby will be feeling the burn.

The Baby Swing
Start with the baby at waist level and lift up over your head side to side. This will really work on your upper body strength, while keeping the baby laughs coming.

Baby Kisses Pushups
Once you have exhausted your baby, finish off with some baby kisses pushups. This is a guaranteed way to make exercising a worthwhile experience.
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