Newly engaged couple forced to crash land helicopter when pilot passes out

OAHU, Hawaii (KTRK) -- A newly engaged couple has quite a story to tell after they survived a terrifying helicopter crash.

Adam and Carli spent last week in Hawaii. They got engaged on Saturday, then on Monday they went on a helicopter tour of Oahu.

The couple says it was incredible, until their pilot passed out.

The helicopter went into a deep dive.

Carli was in the front seat and took over the controls.

She slowed the chopper down and managed to crash land onto a sandbar.

"I didn't think I was going to survive the crash. It all happened so fast," Carli explained.

"Somebody wants us to be together," Adam said with a sling on his arm.

The company that owns the helicopter says the 57 year-old pilot clearly had a medical emergency. He survived and is recovering.
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