Brazen thieves swipe two cars off dealership lot in broad daylight

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It was just what she wanted, a Jeep Wrangler in a unique green color now discontinued.

Owner Sandra Bahena said, "There is no other vehicle like it. If they want to replace it, they can't get it."

Now, it's gone.

"I doubt they find it and it will be stripped down," said Bahena.

After just 21 days, Bahena says she took her Jeep into a River Oaks dealership on Kirby to be serviced.

Yesterday in broad daylight, owner Alan Helfman says a group of men got in behind the gate and drove off with two cars in their service lot. One was Bahena's green Jeep.

"He either got the keys from someone, had the keys to lockboxes, there's no telling how he got the keys. He drove out shortly after that," said Helfman.

He says the group drove in with two other vehicles, a Tahoe and an extended cab pickup truck.

The Jeep owner said, "They need to have a better procedure, quality control, key control, customer service."

Helfman says there is only one way in and out during the day. At night, they have a police officer on duty. They are also moving to a computerized safe box for keys and he's hopeful the unique color of the Jeep will lead police to recover it.

"Hopefully we'll get some calls and apprehend these criminals as soon as possible," said Helfman.

He added they are offering Bahena a loaner vehicle and could paint a new Jeep the same color. He says he wants her to be a happy customer who knows she is taken care of following the thefts.

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