Young hero: 5-year-old calls 911 to save his mother's life

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A 5-year-old Aurora, CO, boy is a superhero after calling 911 when his mother went into diabetic shock (KTRK)

A 5-year-old boy is being hailed a super hero after overcoming major odds to save his mom, ABC affiliate KMGH-TV reports.

Late on a Wednesday afternoon, Aydhun Byars' mom suddenly became unresponsive, so he called 911 for help.

"She's sleeping and she opens her eyes and she never answers me," he told the dispatcher.

Byars' mother, Tarah Gunderlock, had gone into a diabetic shock. There were no other adults in the house, and the clock was ticking. That's when Aydhun remembered how his grandmother had taught him to make an emergency call.

Dialing a phone is no easy task for Aydhun. He has arthoropyosis and clubbed hands and feet.

Aydhun did not know his address, so the dispatcher traced the call and sent paramedics.

"I was a little scared but I was a lot calm," Aydhun told KMGH-TV. "I just didn't know what to do."

Aydhun's mom is okay now, thanks to her special little boy. "He's my little superhero and he makes me really, really happy," Tarah said. "I told him 'you used your superpower' and he told me 'my superpower is love.'"
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