Student rips wig off girl battling eczema and psoriasis

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Student rips wig off girl who has eczema and psoriasis (KTRK)

Video of a student pulling a wig of a 16-year old girl's head is being investigated as an alleged bullying incident.

The victim's mother says it was all over a $5 bet at Franklin High School in Nashville, Tennessee.
WZTV reports Lulu Williams has been battling eczema, psoriasis and hair loss since she was a baby.

Lulu wears a wig to hide the patches of missing hair, "I've never told anyone because I was embarrassed by it and I felt like I'm not as beautiful as all these other girls because my hair is like this," said Lulu.

Lulu was always worried that someone would take her wig off and that fear came true last week when a student ripped the wig off her head. The incident was captured on video.

"I immediately held my head and ran to the bathroom and was like 'Hannah please get my wig! Please get my wig! And I ran to the stall and could hear people laughing, like seeing them videotaping," Lulu said.

Williamson County Schools spokeswoman Carol Birdsong says this type of behavior can never be tolerated and in addition to school discipline, WCS prosecutes delinquent behavior to the fullest extent of the law.

In the meantime, Lulu showed countless messages from other girls dealing with similar things and was even brave enough to shave her head.

Lulu said, "Now ever since I did it I feel free and I'm not held down by my hair or I'm not defined by it. I'm defining myself."
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