How to protect your kids teeth on Halloween

Forget about the ghosts and goblins come October 31st, nothing is more frightening than dental work.

Dentists told Eyewitness News they don't want to ruin all the fun so candy is a go. They stress there are right and wrong choices when it comes to those savory treats.

Dr. Terri Alani told abc13 parents and children should avoid any candy that is sticky, sweet and sour, or hard. Those types of candy tend to stick to your children's teeth and can cause costly damage.

Dr. Alani explained sour candy can damage the teeth's enamel. She said come this time of year, chocolate is your best bet because the treat melts in the mouth.

"You want to sort out the candy for Halloween. Sort out those candies that are going to be the better option for your child's teeth," said Dr. Alani. "Stay away from the sticky stuff and the sweet and sour stuff. Make sure you take your child to dental appointments. Prevention will save you lots of money in the end."

Alani shared some more tips to help keep your child's bright smile intact:

1.) Make sure they eat a healthy meal before going out on Halloween. If they're full, they tend to eat less candy.
2.) You can freeze or donate those treats.
3.) Also, ask your dentist about buyback programs. Some pay cold hard cash to children willing to give up the candy.
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