Going from "dad bod" to "that bod": Six-pack abs in a day

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- They say if you want to get that perfectly chiseled six-pack, it takes time and dedication in the gym. However, one local plastic surgeon is taking father time out of the equation by giving his patients that washboard stomach in less than a day.

It was 10 years ago when Mike King tipped the scale at 332 pounds. His doctor at the time had alarming news for him.

"I'm going to give you five years to live," King told us.

He knew something had to be done, so for the following 18 months, through a lifestyle change, diet and exercise, he lost over 100 pounds.

"I lost that and maintained that for the last eight years," King said.

Even though the weight was off, King was still self-conscious about his body. But that would change after meeting with Dr. Sam Sukkar.

"The name of the procedure is Vaser Hi-Def," Dr. Sukkar explained.

Designed to provide a more sculpted, defined look of the mid-section, Dr. Sukkar said it's kind of like liposuction on steroids. Compared to traditional lipo, the Vaser Hi-Def procedure is more precise.

"Regular liposuction is just taking out fat" Dr. Sukkar said. "But there's really no artistry really to it. I like to say that we're revealing the shape that God created. We all have pretty nice muscle but sometimes we just can't see it."

Demonstrating on a ball of vegetable shortening, Dr. Sukkar showed us what he's doing to the fat inside the body. By emulsifying and carving, he can sculpt specific areas. So how soon can you notice the transformation?

According to Dr. Sukkar, "you can see results the next day. But there's still a healing process."

Afterwards, the patient returns for massage sessions that are designed to target and shape the abdomen to finish off that chiseled look. But it's not for everyone according to Dr. Sukkar.

"If the fatty tissue is inside the abdomen where you get that beer belly that some men get, can't really help them because I can't get to that fat. That's the fat around the organs," Dr. Sukkar said.

Depending on procedure time and how much you need done, it could run between $8,000 to $20,000.

As for King, he's happy with his results.

"I could actually see the cuts in my abs. The downtime, I was up and around the next day," King said.

Dr. Sukkar says recovery time varies from patient to patient, and the soreness is similar to an intense ab workout.

King says he's finally got that confidence he's been looking for. His procedure was in August and he's ready to show off the goods.

"I'm going on a cruise October 30th and I guarantee you, I won't be wearing a shirt," King added.
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