Cleansing alternatives: Healthier and easier ways to detox

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Kemberly Richardson talked with a nutrition expert about foods that can boost the body's immune system.

Giving your body a cleanse doesn't have to mean cutting out foods, or drinking only juices.

In fact, some cleanses can be more harmful than helpful.

We teamed up with a nutrition director to see which foods do what.

Jaclyn London, Nutrition Director of Good Housekeeping, points out that by eating healthy foods, you'll keep your immune system intact, and that following a traditional cleanse can actually do more harm than good.

"Ultimately when we drink a lot of juice we've squeezed out all of the nutrients that are in the actual foods so we are left with just the sugar. That means technically we could be taking in more calories then we ever thought we were and still felling hungry and cold and tired and starving," she said.

First up, eggs and citrus fruits.

"They all contribute to the synthesis of an antioxidant called glutathione," said London.

Which your body already produces. This will give you that extra boost. Next, put some leeks, onions and garlic in a pan. Hello, probiotics.

"The fuel for your body's probiotics or beneficial bacteria." Jaclyn said. "Get them going by eating and cooking with this," we said. "Exactly," she said.

She says a group that includes fish and bananas is rich in Vitamin B. Oats are another way to kick start your immune system and stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Soup will not only fill you up, but lentil is a win win.

"Beans are really rich in minerals like zinc, which is extremely important for our immune system," said Jaclyn.

She says use yogurt, not juice or ice cream, for that smoothie, and don't forget the cruciferous veggies..whether sauteed, steamed, blended, just get them in.

So how did I do? "I'm going to cook my salmon with some garlic and some leeks, drink a smoothie with yogurt for dessert," I said. "Beautiful," said Jaclyn.
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