'Hamster & Gretel' brings action-packed fun to Disney Channel's Saturday morning lineup

New Disney Channel animated series celebrates Venezuelan culture and family values.

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Friday, September 23, 2022
Disney Channel's 'Hamster & Gretel' brings action to Saturday mornings
From the creator of "Phineas and Ferb," comes "Hamster and Gretel," a new animated series following a young girl and her pet hamster who fight crime - with a little help from their superpowers.

LOS ANGELES -- "Hamster & Gretel" is an animated series that follows a young girl named Gretel and her pet hamster who have superpowers and fight crime. Her brother, Kevin and her family are there to support her as she keeps her city safe.

The show was created by Dan Povenmire, who also brought us the long-running animated series, "Phineas and Ferb."

"I love my character. I feel like she reminds me of myself, very hyper, very annoying, kind of a brat," laughed Meli Povenmire, Dan Povenmire's daughter who voices Gretel.

"It's been so much fun and she is very funny, since she was born, basically," Dan Povenmire said about his daughter.

But there's more to this cartoon than just crime fighting, according to Michael Cimino, who voices Kevin.

"I think this show shows a lot of family dynamic. Sometimes family dynamics are hard to navigate and I feel this show definitely teaches that," Cimino said.

This family happens to be of Venezuelan descent and Carolina Ravassa, who plays Gretel and Kevin's mom, is all for it.

"Showing a multicultural family in animation is really special for me. I grew up in a household where we spoke English and Spanish," Ravassa said.

And as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, "Hamster & Gretel" is showing how it represents its Venezuelan culture in every episode.

Writer Joanna Hausmann said, "We've been able to incorporate our Venezuelan culture in a way that feels natural and authentic and real."

Carolina agreed and said, "To see it on a Disney show is really cool. The show is very specific about Venezuelan culture and I am honored to play a Venezuelan mother."

"Hamster & Gretel" airs Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. on Disney Channel.

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