One town bans trick or treaters over 14: Here's why

CHESAPEAKE, Virginia -- If your Halloween plans include a visit to Chesapeake, Virginia, you may be in for a serious trick.

The city bans anyone over 14 from trick-or-treating. The law was introduced after an especially violent Halloween in 1968.

Offenders are subject to a spine-chilling $250 fine.

While the fine sounds outrageous, the original 1970 ordinance was even more restrictive. It limited Halloween trick-or-treaters to age 12 or under and threatened law breakers with jail time.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked the crackdown on Halloween last year. That embarrassed the city enough to make changes.

The ordinance was revised to increase the age to 14 and replace jail time with a fine.

But it turns out, the whole thing may really be a trick.

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Chesapeake officials point out that in 49 years, nobody has been arrested, fined or jailed for illegal trick-or-treating. Police do not patrol neighborhoods or card kids to check their ages.

The law's single purpose is to give police the authority to take action if needed.

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City officials say they want a safer holiday for everyone.