SCARY ON A BUDGET: Here's where you can find Halloween costumes for $2

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Shopping for your Halloween costume does not have to be scary or cost an arm and a leg.
Jen Meneely and Pippa Williams, the creators of Too Cheap Blondes blog, are skimming the racks of the Family Thrift Outlet near Bellaire and Hillcroft for everything Halloween, including DIY costume ideas.

"You can be a Greek goddess," Williams said. "It's pretty easy to make a few things like a fairy, a witch, a princess, and so much more in the thrift store. Because you're not spending a lot of money on them you can cut them up and personalize them for you... A black dress is one of those simple items you can always find in a thrift store, and you can make it a witch or a vampire."

The group of professional thrifters told Eyewitness News that not having your mind set on a particular costume can help save time.

"When we are looking for a costume, we kind of let what we find lead what character we're going to be," Meneely said.

The Family Thrift Outlet is only displaying a small section of their children's Halloween costumes as of now, but they plan to release hundreds more for for the same price of $2.

"Your kid is definitely never going to wear the same costume twice," Meneely said.
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