Grand Lakes residents in Katy fight construction of proposed cellphone tower

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Some residents of the Grand Lakes community out in Katy are not happy about a proposed cellphone tower that may pop up on the edge of their neighborhood.

"We residents, we don't like it," said Lijuan Wang. "You're not welcome here."

Wang, along with several other residents, have been vocal in their opposition of the tower that would sit behind the McDonald's off of South Fry Road. To the east of the proposed tower is a Home Depot and to the west, the edge of the neighborhood.

The tower would be disguised as a pine tree, but Wang doesn't believe that will help hide a tower that will be more than 100 feet tall.

A group came out to the site to protest the tower on Nov. 17, as the construction company attempted to complete a balloon test that would help provide a visual of exactly how tall the structure would be.

"They say they are going to disguise this as a pine tree?" Wang said. "But you will have a 140-foot pine tree, it's going to be a very ugly pine tree."

According to the Grand Lakes Homeowner's Association, cellphone carrier T-Mobile would be the first to utilize the tower with all other major carriers expected to follow. The HOA estimates cellphone reception would improve within a two-mile radius.

Eyewitness News requested an interview with the HOA, but was told the request would need board member approval.

Wang and other concerned residents are set to speak to board members at the Dec. 3 meeting in order to make their case about why this tower needs to be stopped.

"This way we hope we can help our HOA board members make the right decision, to deny this proposal," Wang said.

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