George Floyd March: Who were those protesters on horseback?

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- Many of us won't forget the image of protesters riding through downtown Houston on horseback during a march to honor George Floyd and his family.

But who are these trail riders?

And what do they have to say?

"We're not here for the cheering. We're here to show Floyd that we're really here for you and we're going to do it every day, whatever we have to do," explained Lynn Price, who was part of the group. "Almost thirty people deep on horses and nothing happened. People rubbing them and saying hi and all that, it was a good energy, we just need to keep the vibe going."

Lynn grew up in Houston's Third Ward with Floyd.

He and his wife, Nakia, own Turkey Leg Hut in the same area.

"I understand all the anger that everybody has from the community. It's a little different when you know somebody," he explained. "It hits home and then when you've been knowing them for more 20-something years, it's like man, him? His whole character, I have nothing bad to say about him."

He said the trail riders were all men and women from different organizations who came together for the march.

"We just wanted to show the community that we're a part of and the community that supports us so much that we stand behind them 100 percent," Nakia said. "That's why it's extremely important to get out and vote and do something about it. Because change starts within the system."
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