Garth Brooks lends voice as narrator for NatGeo docuseries 'America's National Parks'

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Saturday, August 20, 2022
Travel to 'America's National Parks' with Garth Brooks as your guide
"You'll feel like you're there." Garth Brooks narrates a new NatGeo docuseries, offering breathtaking looks at "America's National Parks."

Garth Brooks has made a name for himself using his singing voice and is one of the most recognizable artists in the music world. But now, he's lending his voice to a new project - and you can hear Garth like you've never heard him before! He's helping pay tribute to America's National Parks...something Brooks calls "our treasures."

Starting Aug. 29, we'll hear him narrating "America's National Parks," a five-part NatGeo documentary series. It all kicks off with a trip to the Grand Canyon.

"What you're going to learn with NatGeo is the national parks were kind of preserved at a time when they were really good money-makers for some industries," said Brooks. "So the courage that this country showed to actually preserve them as parks, and the vision this country showed for the future is pretty cool. So it's a huge learning experience for me but at the same time. so entertaining."

Brooks says he loved learning more about the diverse American landscape.

"You can visit these things all day long, but you're never going to be able to see the stuff they have captured," said Brooks. "I'm saying go visit! But, in the meantime watch because you'll feel like you're there."

Other parks we'll visit include Yosemite, Big Bend, Badlands and Hawai'i Volcanos. In addition to airing on NatGeo, the entire series begins streaming on Disney+ Aug. 31.

Disney is the parent company of this ABC station.