Free beer for life? Man offering just that if you invest in his start-up

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Friday, November 7, 2014
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A Garland, TX beer brewer is looking for some support and he's willing to give free beer for life to get it

GARLAND, TX (KTRK) -- You can free beer for life -- all it will take is an investment in a start-up brewery in North Texas.

Intrinsic Brewing is trying to build a storefront in Garland. So far, the company has raised almost $9,000 through a crowdfunding site.

The brewmaster, Cary Hodson, says he'll give people who invest $2,000 in the brewery free beer for life.

He says by sending investors eight beers a week, he can pay them back within a year. The brewery offers a Basil Hefeweizen right now and is looking to expand.

Hodson said, "As an early supporter if you came in and had just two beers, four days a week, in the first year you'd make your money back. I would buy it."

If you don't have two grand to invest, that's OK. The company is offering other rewards for donations as little as $10.