Galveston ISD to install more than 200 air systems designed to kill COVID-19

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Galveston ISD to install air filters to help decrease COVID-19
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The VP Biodefense Indoor Air Protection Systems are designed to kill COVID-19 and anthrax spores in the air.

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Galveston ISD plans to install more than 200 new air filtration units in all 12 of its schools, which will be aimed to decrease the risk and spread of COVID-19.

The district made the announcement at Burnet Elementary School on Thursday, showcasing the new IVP Biodefense Indoor Air Protection Systems, designed to kill COVID-19 and anthrax spores in the air.

Galveston ISD said the units vary in size, some are small portable units while others are larger for common spaces such as a cafeteria.

Galveston ISD is currently installing 116 units, which includes 79 small units or R1 units and 37 large units or S1 units, in its elementary schools. The district paid $100,000 for the first shipment, and plans to order another 165 units for an estimated $249,000, totaling 281 units.

"They'll see a little unit that looks a little bit like a refrigerator. But basically, what it does it moves air throughout the day and throughout the time that students and staff are in the rooms," Galveston ISD Superintendent Dr. Kelli Moulton said. "It actually irradiates. It super heats and kills the virus."

Galveston ISD is working with community partners to help fund the second purchase of units.

Dr. Slobadan Paessler, an infectious disease specialist with UTMB Health Galveston, said this set of classroom units will be the first pilot test in Galveston ISD.

IVP Integrated Viral Protection team said Slidell ISD was the first Texas school district to install the larger units.

Katy ISD is among the local school districts that has been working to upgrade its air filters in schools since mid-July and has a similar system.

A spokesperson with the district said Katy ISD can confirm that their product does filter out viruses, however, it is not the same make or brand as the one presented by Galveston ISD.

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