GRIT AND DETERMINATION: Galveston tourists and locals fight through Labor Day floods

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- September started with a flood for Galveston due to 10 inches of rain falling Monday, creating problems for locals and tourists alike.

Hopeful cruise passengers were stuck for hours just out of reach of their ship. Several roads around the port were underwater.

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One of the passengers was Shonda Tompkins, who came with a group from Oklahoma hoping to make it on board a Carnival cruise ship.

"We went through quite a bit of deep water and couldn't get through," she said. "It was pretty stressful earlier."

Carnival pushed back the departure until 7 p.m, giving passengers three extra hours to make it on board.

For some who live on the island though, there was no escape. They waded through the best they could and found some help.

Shawn Rehman opened the Ball Street Food Store even though the building flooded with six inches of water.

Rehman said many of his customers don't drive and had fewer options.

"Neighborhood people just walk around. They don't have cars. I know they are going to end up walking over here," he said.

This Labor Day, both visitors and natives made it through with some grit and determination.

"We are determined to get on that ship so we can get to the ocean," Tompkins said.

"It's not going to stop us, man. Harvey didn't stop us so this is nothing, you know," Rehman said.

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