Fortnite can be as addictive as heroin, health experts say

The wildly popular video game Fortnite can be as addictive as heroin, medical experts say.

KRON talked to health experts who say the game can even affect a child's brain development because it involves the dopamine systems.

The systems release addictive chemicals that cause cravings similar to what's experienced with a drug addiction.

Many of the kids the experts tested were teenage boys.

One teen claims that he was so busy playing the game, he didn't notice a tornado in his neighborhood.

Family members forced him to get off the game and into a shelter when power lines started going down.

The hype over Fortnite has also been linked to ruining marriages.

Fortnite the reason for hundreds of divorces, website says

It was cited as the reason for divorce in at least 200 filings on the website Divorce Online.

The site compared the phenomenon to other addictions like alcohol, drugs and gambling.
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