Allegations of Goodman Elementary teacher's inappropriate conduct 'untrue,' Fort Bend ISD says

Friday, September 22, 2023
Teacher cleared of wrongdoing but won't return to school, FBISD says
Despite Fort Bend ISD saying a teacher was cleared of allegations of inappropriate behavior, parents feel betrayed but the district's handling. They protested on Thursday.

FRESNO, Texas (KTRK) -- A Fort Bend ISD elementary school teacher was cleared of wrongdoing involving allegations of inappropriate conduct, but the educator will no longer be in a classroom on campus.

The district issued a statement in the wake of reports involving a teacher at Goodman Elementary School. In part, the district said, "All investigations and evidence concluded that the allegations were untrue. A former allegation of mistreatment in 2022-23, which was investigated using the same protocols, also concluded that those allegations were untrue. While the investigation has concluded the allegations are unsubstantiated, the staff member will not be returning to Goodman Elementary School."

For its part, the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office said it's aware of a criminal complaint against the teacher, but an investigation hasn't resulted in charges at this time. Prosecutors are still leaving the door open for charges if the criminal conduct is revealed.

The district's positioning came hours after Fort Bend ISD parents made their concerns known after finding out about the allegations.

They were not only upset about what allegedly happened, but also how the school handled it. Concerned parents lined up outside Goodman Elementary School in Fresno on Thursday morning to make their voices heard as students were dropped off for class.

Some parents who spoke to ABC13 are so upset, they've pulled their kids out of school until they can get more information about what allegedly happened and how the district plans to move forward.

"Justicia, justicia," parents chanted outside of the elementary school.

The parents say they are frustrated because the disturbing accusation was made last week, but they didn't receive any information about it from the district until Wednesday afternoon.

ABC13 is not naming the teacher accused because he has not been charged.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fort Bend ISD elementary teacher under investigation, accused of inappropriate conduct

A Fort Bend ISD elementary school teacher is under investigation after being accused of inappropriate conduct with students, officials say.

One parent, who did not want to be identified due to the nature of the allegations, said her young daughter was in the accused teacher's class this year. Until she knows more about what allegedly happened and how the district is going to handle it -- she has pulled her daughter out of class.

"They failed us. They failed us and it is not OK," the mother said. "Now I am having to question my daughter. 'Did he go in the restroom with you? Has he done anything to you?' To a 5-year-old. You shouldn't be asking these types of questions to a 5-year-old."

To add to their outrage, another mother also came forward, accusing the same teacher of being inappropriate with her daughter last school year.

ABC13 spoke with the alleged victim's older sister, who did not want to show her face in order to protect her sister's identity.

"They didn't do anything about the case and we need justice because now, the teacher did something to another kid," the alleged victim's older sister said.

The child's mother showed ABC13 documentation from Child Protective Services that shows the case was investigated last fall. However, she says it was dropped after a month because the district didn't believe her daughter.

"It is the district's standard procedure that if an allegation of mistreatment is made against a staff member, the staff member in question is placed on leave and removed from the campus pending the investigations' outcomes," FBISD said in an earlier statement. "If the investigations find the allegations to be unsubstantiated, the staff member is no longer on leave status and may return to their duties."

The alleged victim's family says the little girl is not the same after what they believe she went through.

"She has bad dreams. She kicks. She cries. She can't live without my mom since that happened, so its hard," her older sister said.

The district's investigation into what allegedly happened is still ongoing.

FBISD issued a statement earlier Thursday before clearing the teacher:

"The safety of our students is our first and foremost priority. Upon learning of allegations of possible mistreatment of a student, the district immediately launched a thorough investigation, conducted by Human Resources, the Police and Children's Advocacy Center officials. All investigations concluded that the allegations were unsubstantiated.

Fort Bend ISD takes allegations of mistreatment of students seriously. Whether there are allegations of mistreatment at home or by a staff member, the district will exhaust all investigative resources to thoroughly investigate claims."