Fort Bend County announces $20 million relief fund for those struggling during shutdown

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Help is coming to Fort Bend County residents who are struggling to pay their bills because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monday, the county announced nearly $20 million in assistance.

We've seen both the City of Houston and Harris County put together a plan to help those in need because of the coronavirus shutdown, and now Fort Bend County is doing the same.

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Fort Bend County has approved a $19.5 million aid package for its residents.

The program is designed to help people pay for their rent, mortgages and utility bills.

This is a three-phase program and qualifying residents can apply during all three phases of the hand out.

Each phase will have $6.5 million available.

  • Phase one: June- July
  • Phase two: August-September
  • Phase three: October-November

You have to apply for the assistance and the phase one applications will be accepted from June 1 to June 12, or until the funds run out.

Eligible residents will be given $2,000, allowing $1,500 for rent or mortgage and $500 for utilities

"There's a lot of people struggling in Fort Bend County," said Crystal Picking. "It is absolutely our duty to make sure we are supporting those who are really struggling and in the process of getting kicked out of their home, they don't have money to pay utility or things of that nature."

Officials say anyone harmed by the COVID-19 shutdown can apply online at or call 281-238-CARE.

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