Review: Edison a bright shining light for Houston beer lovers and foodies

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Thomas Edison said genius is one percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.

One of Houston's newest bars pays homage to the famous inventor and proves all at once that you can create something amazing with a little hard work.

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We checked out Edison on the city's north side and fell in love with its intimate ambiance.

The bar and restaurant had its soft opening back in October, but now Edison's unassuming home is burning hot and bright, much like his most famous invention: the lightbulb.

Those same Edison lightbulbs can be found strewn about the joint's ample patio and dining spaces.

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A quick glance of Chef Michael Lee Sanguinetti's innovative menu, and you'll soon realize you're in for an exciting experience.

Our party was instantly taken by such fare as Duck and Pancakes, which is exactly what it sounds like: duck confit, served atop a delicious stack of pancakes.

We were equally surprised by the savory Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi; and their Edison Fries, adorn with Feta cheese, green onions and herby aioli.

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But, the real prize winners break the bar food tradition: Fried cauliflower, topped with basil, fresh cilantro and bacon; and their crispy Brussels sprouts, which feature an Asian vinaigrette, fresh mint and pork belly.

Their wine list is extensive, and we were delighted by the selection of Edison cocktails and craft beer offerings. (They also have some favorite beer staples, too.)

Don't miss their spectacular signature cocktail, The Edison, a spicy concoction of rum, tamarind, lime and ginger.

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Service was a little slow on the night of our visit, but there were also an abundance of people on the patio and indoors.

This place is a must-visit for any serious Houston beer fan or foodie.

You'll love Edison's aesthetic and their incredibly unique food and drink offerings, and their prices are more than reasonable.

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Make this a must-see destination immediately.

Edison is at 4203 Edison Street at Patton Street. Ample parking available.
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