Pastor's song about Whataburger's greatness touches the world

MCKINNEY, TX (KTRK) -- What do you do when the Whataburger that you're nomming down on is so good that you spontaneously burst into song?

You belt it out loud and proud! At least, that's what one now-Internet famous pastor in suburban Dallas chose to do, and citizens of the web are coming out in full force in support of his fast food rally cry.

VIDEO: Fred Thomas' full Whataburger love song
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A Dallas-area pastor has captured the internet's heart with a song professing his love for Whataburger.

Fred Thomas recently posted a video to social media waxing poetic about the joys of his honey butter chicken biscuit breakfast from Whataburger, which has garnered millions of views, more than 140,000 shares and support the world over.

"It just takes me away," Thomas crooned. "Something about this biscuit -- it is the best biscuit I know! Oh how I love this biscuit! Every time I pass Whataburger, I hear it call my name."

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