Business helps people eat better by delivering fresh produce

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Moms, if you cannot find the time to get fresh fruit and vegetables for your family, a Missouri City mom may have a solution. (KTRK)

A new, local business is helping people eat better and by bringing fresh produce straight to the people who buy it.

Family Fresh delivers the produce to Harvard Elementary in the Heights. It's all an effort to get people to get more fresh food into their meals.

You get a lot from a box of Family Fresh food. And picking it up is as easy as sitting in the car pool lane.

Liz Moser's family owned a produce distributing company and it was that experience that gave birth to the idea of delivering food to busy moms on the go.

"I had come home from work and I had a box similar to what we sell and I got home and my neighbors were all like, 'Wow, I wish I could get a box like that', and that kind of got the idea going," said Moser.

Selling to families in Missouri City lead to delivering food boxes in Bellaire and then to Harvard Elementary School where parents pick up the boxes when they come to get their kids.

"We select all the items specifically based on what's in season and not just what's in season, but what's good and we try to give you a mix of stuff so you have a great variety to make your own recipes," said Moser.

A box runs $38 and includes enough fruit and vegetables to last about two weeks.

"It was a bag of potatoes, some fresh cranberry, some onions, some celery and just a variety of fruits and my kids went crazy and I saw just like, 'Sweet,'" said Rene Zamore with Family Fresh.

Zamore helps run the business and says once customers try it, they usually keep coming back.

"Hopefully more schools will be encouraged by what we are doing and we have more schools adopt this program," said Zamore.

Family Fresh is operating in Missouri City, Bellaire and the Heights. If you want to check them out, CLICK HERE.
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