Overheated battery causes small fire on Houston-bound Delta jet

NEW YORK, New York (KTRK) -- A small fire erupted in the cabin of a Delta jet bound for Houston as passengers boarded the airline.

In video captured on the plane at New York's LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday, a small flame is seen coming from a bag in an overhead compartment.

Additional video showed a flight attendant using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

No one appeared to be injured and the incident happened while the plane was on the ground.

A statement obtained by ABC News indicated the fire came from contents inside the bag:

"While boarding SkyWest flight 3879, operating as Delta Connection from LaGuardia to Houston, smoke appeared from a passenger's bag in an overhead bin, caused by an overheated battery pack inside the bag. Passengers deplaned routinely through the main cabin door and we are working to help our customers resume their travels to Houston on a different aircraft as quickly as possible."

The plane's schedule departure was pushed back more than two hours following the small fire.
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