Father accused of keeping kids in 'dungeon'

LANSING, Michigan -- A Michigan father accused of keeping his kids confined in what authorities described as a "dungeon" was arraigned Friday, WILX-TV reports.

Police say Yenier Conde, 32, locked his five children, including one who was diagnosed with cancer, inside a dark room and screwed the door shut.

The alleged abuse included the kids being whipped and threatened with a gun, and dates back to 2009 when Child Protective Services first began investigating claims.

Documents show CPS made at least 12 visits to the home, a majority labeled as a level four, which, according to its website, are cases in which a preponderance of evidence of abuse or neglect is not found, but does require family to take part in community based services, despite findings of unsanitary conditions, missing multiple medical appointments and follow ups and firearms in reach of children.

A bulk of those complaints were about the kids and the "unsanitary living conditions," complaints of the children "smelling like urine and feces" when CPS visited the home.

They also confirmed flies were observed throughout the home.

The mother, Sarah Conde, ran a dog breeding business from the home, advertised through the American Kennel Club.

Kids say there were often 11 dogs roaming throughout the house.