Boost your fall wardrobe with the season's hottest hues

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These are this season's must-wear hues. (KTRK)

We're almost a month into fall, and a lot of us want to look the part even though it's still too hot to layer on too many fall pieces. An easy way to create an appropriate look for the season and the weather is by choosing the right colors to wear.

Pantone is the worldwide color authority who sets the color standards in fashion. This year's colors were determined with fashion designers and runway looks in mind.

When the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2017 arrived, LFB Color consulting founder Lauren Battistini studied the palettes and how best to use the hues.

"This season's colors are a combination of mixing and matching neutrals, cool and warm undertones, and a bold dose of a bunch of different colors meant to be experimented with," explains Battistini.

"Two of the big colors this season - we've got Tawny Port, which is a deep wine, and we contrasted it with the bold red called grenadine. This makes a creative fashion statement," says Battistini.

"One of my favorite colors this season is the grenadine because, in season's past, we've seen burnt orange and deeper reds, but this is a bright, bold red," she continues.

Another bold shade this season is golden lime.

"Golden lime is pungent. It's an accent color. People definitely won't wear it head to toe. A great way to get a dose of it is with eyewear," says Battistini.

"If you wanted to tone down the golden lime, you could choose a handbag in a more sage tone," she explains.

Another big color this fall is navy peony.

"Navy isn't exactly the new black, but it's a softer alternative. It's classic just like black, and now is the time to invest in some pieces - a jumpsuit, a trench coat, some pants - because navy is going to be the focal point of next spring," says Battistini.

But don't be fooled. Navy peony still works all winter, especially paired with black.

"A lot of people thinking mixing navy and black is breaking the rules, but this season, playful color mixing is what it's all about. You're supposed to break the color rules. This shows a lot of wardrobe know-how. It's an edgy, sophisticated look," adds Battistini.

And we can't forget about the true neutrals of the season.

"Two of the season's biggest neutrals are neutral gray and butter rum. The problem is this butter rum is not a color that can easily be worn next to the face by a lot of skin tones. So, a way to mix your neutrals - the cooler gray and a warmer color - is to take tones that have golden in them, like...champagne," says Battistini.

Battistini says four of the colors make great neutrals and the other six can be mixed and matched year-round. And she says color isn't just for women. Men are also adding these shades into their wardrobes as a way of self-expression.

Click here to see Pantone's full list of colors for fall 2017.
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