Man's guide to wristwatches: How to choose a watch

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Some men can be hard to shop for, especially if you throw in variables like age and occupation along with technology.

All of these things can leave a lot of questions on which watch may be the perfect gift.

"The millennials, they're looking for watches that are more functional," owner of Klein's Jewelers Mark Klein said.

The jeweler said many of the watches he sells are Rolex watches for men in their 30s who want something dressy.

"They're still very popular within the 30 to 60 age range, where they want to buy different kinds of watches and wear them more as a piece of jewelry," Klein said.

Marc Williams specializes in Rolex watches. He said they usually increase in value, especially with the current trend of buying vintage.

"The biggest thing on the watches, they're kind of buying a vintage watch now and then accessorizing it to what they want," Williams said.

Like Apple watches, fancier brands like Rolex also have new band designs to change out and customize.

The general trend is wearing dressier watches for special occasions, but more functional watches for every day.

"If I'm going out to a nice dinner and I'm dressed up, then maybe I wear a Rolex instead of wearing the Apple Watch," Klein said.

Something all high end watches have in common; they're often imitated.

"It's really hard to tell between a fake one and a new one. So, you need to go to somebody who has been in the business, who has experience and check it out. If the deal's too good to be true, then check it out first," Klein said.

He said you used to be able to tell a fake Rolex by the weight and the way the second hand moved, but fakes are so convincing now, you may want to have it checked out by a pro. And as always, if the deal looks too good to be true, assume it is.
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