Bento boxes filled with clothes - what's not to love?

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- They say to dress for the job you want, but building a career wardrobe can be incredibly stressful and expensive. However, spending money on a few pieces can take your look to the next level, and now it just got a little easier.

Katherine Mathews started working in oil and gas here in Houston four years ago.

"When I started my job and was looking for clothes to wear to work, there were not a lot of options. The price points were all over the map, and to be honest, I was really dissatisfied with what was out there," said Mathews.

So, she created a blog - - where she shares her picks for the best work wear pieces.

"I research a brand. I like to know about the brand, the quality, where the fabrics are from, how they're sourcing it, what the composition is. Is it dry clean? Is it machine washable? Is it going to hold up six months, a year, three years from now?" said Mathews.

So, when she heard about the online shopping service and its high quality clothing, she was intrigued.

"We like to say we have two products. The first is the clothing that we make for professional women with machine washable wrinkle-resistant fabrics, and the second is our personal styling service," explained Shelby Goldfaden, a senior stylist at MM LaFleur.

The company offers what they call a Bento Box. After filling out an online survey that includes your measurements and work attire, it's sent to a stylist - like Goldfaden - who makes a box just for you.

"They send you about six pieces, and the dress that I got is the Sarah 6.0, and I put it on and felt like a million dollars," adds Mathews. "And they make this awesome thing called a jardigan, and it's a jacket combined with a cardigan, and I paired it with the dress."

"You try it on. If you like something you keep it, and if you don't you send it back," said Goldfaden.

The clothes are a little pricey.

"Our tops start at $110 and dresses go up to about $375," Goldfaden added.

But Mathews said they're worth it.

"I think what you wear in the workplace is immensely important. My thing get one first impression. Wouldn't you want to make it your best?"

Your first bento box is free. After that, if you decide you don't like anything in the box, there is a $25 styling fee, so keep that in mind when you order.

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