Top 4 hidden Halloween dangers for kids

With Halloween just days away, parents need to be on the lookout for some hidden dangers.

Dangerous chemicals in face paint
Some including U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer's office warn paint manufactured overseas can contain dangerous heavy chemicals.

Experts suggest parents check the FDA's website for a list of color additives which are approved for use. Health officials also suggest throwing out old, smelly paint to help avoid any allergic reactions.

Glow stick dangers
If your child is using glow sticks to light their way, you should be careful of them breaking or biting into the sticks.

Experts suggest if the liquid comes into contact with their skin, wash the area immediately. If the liquid is digested, wipe their mouth and have them drink water. If irritation continues, get medical attention.

Contact lenses may damage eyes
Teenagers may want to buy novelty contact lenses during this time of year. The warning about those could not be more clear from experts like Porfirio Villareal at Houston's Department of Health and Human Services. He said steer clear of online sites or retailers which do not require a prescription.

"It can be scary if you develop an infection or somehow your eye is damaged," said Villareal. "That way you want to make sure you have a prescription for those contact lenses. If someone is selling them to you online or at a vendor and they're not asking for a prescription, don't buy it."

Dry ice injuries

You should also keep children far away from dry ice. The item is often used to create spooky smoke. However, contact with dry ice can cause skin damage. null
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